Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What do you call man PMS? Is there an app for that?

Where do testosterone based pissy moods come from? Do men have PMS? Is there an app that shows the cycle so I know when it's coming? I never would have guessed that there would come a day that I would wish my husband stayed in a pissy mood for no damn reason. But that day has arrived. Let me 'splain. No there is too much. Let me sum up (please tell me you get the Princess Bride reference?)

Summing up:

I think I rocked as a wife this weekend. Hubby got to go away on a 4 day drink-fest watching baseball game after baseball game with his buddies in Florida. He had breakfasts brought to his hotel room every day, lunches at ballparks, dinners at restaurants with adult conversation every night, 80 degrees in sun and surf, drinks and laughs with his friends without once hearing whining or breaking up a fight or listening to "Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy???"

So how did he come home looking like this????

Meanwhile, what was I doing? There was no breakfast in bed. No hanging laughing and drinking with friends. Certainly no 80 degrees in the tundra he left me in! I was preparing for our little terrors birthday party. I baked 4 dozen cupcakes in three different flavors on Friday night. I finished all the goody bags. I also rewashed laundry again (no, it didn't make it out of the dryer yet!)! On Saturday I drove into NYC and took the little one to an extremely loud gymnastic event at Madison Square Garden with 15,000 screaming girls watching Jordan Weiber kick ass. That night I got to bake 4 round cakes and crumb coat them... and hit "touch up" on the dryer again. Whap! And on Sunday morning I got to frost all those carbs into submission. Wanna see it all?

Edible butterflies from Sugar Robot on Etsy
 A big thank you and a shout-out to Amanda at I Am Baker for the Rose Cake tutorial!

Buttercream devils food and vanilla cakes with edible butterflies

(Oh, she looks sweet and innocent but don't be fooled! Devils Food cake was the perfect recipe!)

So I took the tiny terror to her party at Gravity Vault, a rock climbing facility, with 22 little girls where she climbed a rock wall blind-folded (yeah, pretty damn freakin cool!)...

And then I came home and got to have even more fun by cleaning the house and the kitchen for the next 5 hours and then got the little one showered, fed, and in bed.

Yeah, I pretty much rocked the wife role this weekend!

You would think that I would be on the receiving end of some happy smiles from the vacation man who somehow planned a weekend away on the same weekend he knew all of this was going on. (Hmmm... not so dumb, is he?!). That's all I wanted from the man... smiles. Do you think that's what I got? Lets just say that tonight I treated myself to this because my husband apparently has PMS, which I think stands for Psychotic Man Syndrome...

Elliott Lucca Intreccio Leather Tote
(Cant you just see it with a white tee, cropped jeans, brown leather belt and sandals???)

And this is where I hope he still has uncalled for PMS tomorrow too... because there's another bag calling my name and I cant rationalize it unless he's still being irrationally moody. Yes, two wrongs can definitely make a right! Or is that two lefts? In this case, two wrongs make a tote!

Sidebar: I am the blessed Mom of two older children who helped me through party day. My son spent the day taking pictures so that I could concentrate on the details of the party and my older daughter did the "meet and greet" with all the parents while Mommy was a few minutes late because the party store ran out of helium!!! Ran out of helium! And I had to drive 20 minutes away to get 40 balloons at another party store! I could not have survived the weekend without them and love them both to pieces!

UPDATE: Dramatic scientific discovery: I have just been informed by a male reader that sex is the cure-all for male PMS. Who knew! lol Dear Male Reader, In order for the cure-all to be administered, ya gotta give us a different face other than the one my husband is sporting in his caricature above! Just saying! You get more flies with honey? Well, you get more action with honey too!


  1. Great job!! You did beautifully! What a fun blog you have!

    1. Thank you so much Amanda! I'm learning how to find my voice as I go! That bag should help me find my voice, right?! And the cake was a smash hit. Everyone ohhhed and ahhhed over it!


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