Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To pee or not to pee?

Did you know that when you consume nothing but raw veggie juice you pee colors of the rainbow that you've never seen in your toilet before? Did you know that even on a juicing regimen your husband will lose weight faster than you? Do you think he knows that laxatives can be concealed very well in juices and smoothies!!! Crap! That will just make him lose weight faster! Crap, crap, crap! Speaking of crap..................

So seriously, the pee! I could dye Easter eggs with the stuff! That My Strange Addiction show had a lady on who was addicted to drinking her own pee. Yup... pee! Maybe she should try eating beets! And carrots! And then kale!!! You know, for her pee... for the sake of variety!

What the hell happened to this post?! I blame the insomnia! And you! YOU read it! And you knew you weren't going to find Hamlet here!

Off to sleep... perchance to dream! ;)


  1. Hysterical!!! Did you ever give Nikki Trix yogurt when she was little? Oh what that did to the color of poop! Sorry Susan!

    1. I never heard of the poop thing from Trix yogurt! Eww! Nikki has always been a Vanilla Yoplait girl!


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