Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hoping Zuzana kicks my ass?

I'm not good with meditation! In fact I suck at it. Chilling my head out is just not something I seem capable of doing, hence the insomnia! So when I work out, yoga and pilates just don't do it for me. I have nothing against them and I keep trying, hoping that one day they stick because I think it will help me from strangling the people who live in my house with me, aka The Mob, aka my kids and husband!

My way? I need to beat the crap out of myself! I need to do an exercise that keeps my head so busy that I don't have time to delve inside my head or notice how long the routine is taking.

I found this fit gorgeous (yes, I hate her) evil woman, Zuzana Light, over a year ago and after months and months of watching her workouts while I sat here on the computer my husband laughed at me and told me to get up and actually do it. What? I'm not losing weight watching? 

Truth be told, I've been in an exercise rut for a long while now and sometimes it's difficult to convince yourself to get back on that horse. Having a husband and three kids is sometimes more than I want to handle as it is... they're the reason wine was invented, right! So finding the energy to workout too after being a chauffeur, maid, drill sergeant, coach, chef, teacher, nurse, psychiatrist, mediator... well, it just hasn't made it onto the priority list.

But now I have a vacation planned for the end of April and my fat ass needs to get in shape. Okay, its not fat. It just happens to be drifting south and saying hello to the back of my knees and could use a little help at this point! Seeing a bathing suit? A bikini????? Oh, that's a curse word right about now! So... I stopped watching Zuzana workout and joined her today.

I might be dead tomorrow... but today I feel better!

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