Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Find Us On Facebook" Badge Can't Be Found On Facebook!

Its frustrating dealing with something that should be so obvious but isn't. Which brings us to Facebook. I honestly don't know how Mark Zuckerberg did it because the site just doesn't work in a logical way. With well over 100 million blogs out there you would think the most basic button to connect a blog to a Facebook fan page would be... a piece of cake to find! The "Find Us On Facebook" badge does NOT want to be found!

So I am writing this post to all the rest of you frustrated bloggers who just want a quick answer: ya gotta jerry-rig it!

How to add a Find Us On Facebook Badge:

  • Go to Google images and type in "Find us on Facebook badge"
  • Select an image of the button and right click it to "save image as" into your picture file on your computer
  • Go to your blogger accounts design page and choose any of the "Add a gadget" tabs
  • Scroll halfway down the list and you'll find the option "picture", click on the + to the right of it to open the "Configure Image" page
Skip where it says "Title" and "Caption". Where it says "Link" copy and paste your blogs url. Then click on "Image from your computer", go to "Browse" and select the badge picture you saved. Check "Shrink to fit" and then click "Save" at the bottom of the "Configure Image" page.

You're done! You can move that "Add a Gadget" button you created anywhere there's a slot on your design page and save the page and view your blog!

And it took 3 minutes?


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  1. Thank you! awesome post. I was about to pull my hair out!


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